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CMUL NA Alumni Campaign

College of Medicine University of Lagos (CMUL) is the very premier Medical School in Nigeria. It has made history in the past, including the history of the first test-tube baby in Africa by Professor Oladapo Ashiru in 1986.


As the Nigerian economy has taken a southward dive over the years, this premier Medical School has run into disrepair. The perineal problem of lack of funding and hence lack of maintenance culture has left the CMUL in a run-down state, struggling to maintain the quality of education today's alumni enjoyed in the past.


The school needs an updated library, classrooms, laboratories, hostels, and research facilities amongst others. On October 3, 2022, we marked CMUL’s 60th anniversary/Diamond jubilee. We hope to use this occasion as a call to action to help restore this school back to its glory days and, more so, kickstart a transformation of CMUL into a globally recognized medical institution of the 21st century. You can view a copy of the proposed CMUL transformational roadmap (here).


We also see this as a timely opportunity to refresh our alumni strategy, ensuring inclusiveness among our global community and drawing from the combined network to further prosper every member and smoothen the path towards success for students.

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  • Funds from 2023 gala night

    Funds from 2023 gala night


    366 days

  • Benjamin Blagogee

    Benjamin Blagogee


    367 days

  • Ronke Dosunmu

    Ronke Dosunmu


    1 mo

  • Olufemi Dosunmu

    Olufemi Dosunmu


    1 mo

  • Chinyere Ofonagoro

    Chinyere Ofonagoro


    1 mo

  • Ola Ayodeji

    Ola Ayodeji


    1 mo

  • Akinwole Awujo

    Akinwole Awujo


    1 mo

  • Olugbenga Awe

    Olugbenga Awe


    1 mo

  • Egunmwendia Ogbeide (née Aisien)

    Egunmwendia Ogbeide (née Aisien)


    1 mo

  • Nosa Gbinigie

    Nosa Gbinigie


    2 mos

  • Gertrude Chimeka Anyanwoke

    Gertrude Chimeka Anyanwoke


    3 mos

  • Ben Blagogee

    Ben Blagogee


    3 mos