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Subsidise Learning Subscription on MOOCS

To help out of school students and graduates with the necessary competencies and in so doing help them thrive, why not join the donor club to sponsor a youth to learn something new. Through this campaign, beneficiaries can claim back the funds paid for any online course.

How this works?

To access this opportunity, you need to set up an account on the AlumUnite Platform. You will need to have started and completed a course online by the first half of 2021. Upon completion, you will be awarded financial credit of up to N50,000 which you can claim back on your registered bank account. Alternatively, you can use the credit to fund a campaign for a project that you want to see executed. Number of recipients will depend on amount raised.

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  • Obinna Nnabuihe

    Obinna Nnabuihe


    10 mos

  • Ololade Odunsi

    Ololade Odunsi


    1109 days

  • Mike Ejoh

    Mike Ejoh


    4 mos